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Emotional Intelligence

(also known as emotional quotient or EQ) was ranked 6th in the World Economic Forum’s list of top 10 skills that employees need

HER Story

About Ush

Ush always knew that something was missing and that there was something else she was meant to do besides working in her corporate career as a lawyer and then as Head of Human Resources. She didn’t know what that “something else” was until she came across Emotional Intelligence. As she studied this for herself, she also realised that some of the most successful people around her, and some of the people that she interacted with early on in her career had this missing X-Factor. Curiosity got the better of Ush and she not only studied this further, but she became a certified Emotional Intelligence Coach. Since then, Ush has worked with companies and individuals across the globe and is a sought after coach in the field of Emotional Intelligence.

Wanting to take the world of EQ even further, Ush became certified as a Proctor Gallagher consultant, being mentored by Bob Proctor. Since then, Ush has an even better understanding of how the mind works. Answers to questions such as how to we bridge the gap between knowing and doing, how to effectively overcome self sabotage and how to become an influential leader in the workplace.

Ush’s qualifications and certifications in Executive Coaching, Emotional Intelligence Coaching, Neuro Leadership and Mediation is complimented by working in the field. Ush has worked with a variety of corporate clients ranging from the Australia Federal Police, Smeg Australia, all the way to hospitality and dental.  Ush is also on the Board of Directors for Hunterlink, an employee wellbeing service. Having worked for clients across the globe from Australia, Shanghai, Canada and London, Ush’s experience will be second to none whether you are looking for corporate training or individual coaching.

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Human Resources Support

So what makes our HR support different to that of the many options out there? For one, Ush has 10 plus years’ experience in Senior HR roles, having worked at RMS, RailCorp, Svitzer, Komatsu and the NRL. In addition to this expertise, Ush bring about a people focussed solution, based around the principles of Emotional Intelligence.

There is no other HR consultancy firm that offers such a service in line with Emotional Intelligence. This approach will give your employees enhances self-awareness, increased productivity and your business the X Factor in leadership, all through the HR service.

 You will have access to tailored HR support for your business. Whether you need someone for a few hours a week or you need more flexibility and remote support, we have the right solution for you. If you are unsure as to what you may need, a HR X-Ray is performed on your business to ensure that all relevant aspects are analysed and a recommendation is then made.

 The HR support is a full cycle. From recruitment support, employee retention, change management, performance development, all the way through to exit of employees. In addition to the tailored support, contact us today to enquire about the complimentary policies and procedures you will get as part of this service. This is our way to add value and to say thank you.



EQ is now more important than your IQ in determining success and overall happiness. With Ush, you will learn how to recognise and understand your emotions and reactions.



Ush has spoken regularly at events all around Australia ranging from small, intimate business events, all the way up to a big group of leaders in Mumbai at an Annual Awards Ceremony. The audience will leave having not only learnt the powerful impact of EQ, but also strategies that they can implement straight away. 



Ush has a unique perspective on what Emotional Intelligence can do for you and for your workplace. Contact Ush for your next inhouse training event and watch her draw in and capitcate the audience in with a mix of story telling and creativity. 

Thinking Into Results


Taking Emotional Intelligence to the next level, Thinking Into Results is a tailored 24 weeks coaching program. As a certified Proctor Gallagher Coach, you will be guided by Ush as your coach throughout the whole process, as you realise your potential and achieve the goals that you have set.

Think & Grow Rich 

Three Day Workshop

Life altering course based on the best selling, legendary book Think and Grow Rich to launch in Australia by Ush. Napoleon Hill’s best selling book Think and Grow Rich book has sold more than a 120 million copies around the globe. For the first time in Australia and New Zealand, This 3 day workshop will be released shortly.


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How the transformation happened

“An amazing coach”

“For the last three years I have been looking around for a coach that I could connect with and feel comfortable with. I met Ush earlier this year and she was running a full day workshop on Emotional Intelligence. Ush Dhanak has taught me how to set and achieve goals that I never thought possible. She explains things to me in a clear manner that I can understand and hold me accountable. I didn’t expect a coach to give me the support and results that Ush did. She is like a gift in my life.”

Dr. Adam mattsson

Owner, Hampstead Dental

“She Shifted my mindset”

“When I first met Ush, I was filled with self doubt, negative self talk and self sabotage which was preventing me from achieving my full potential. Ush Dhanak is one of the most knowledgeable people in the field of Emotional Intelligence and mindset that I have come across. Within a few weeks of coaching, she shifted my paradigms and I could see a difference. I even had people say to me that I was changing, from friends to complete strangers. I can’t wait to see what the rest of this journey will bring me and I highly recommend having Ush as your coach and in your corner.”

Dr. Minal Patil

Owner, angel care

“A genuine interest in me”

I met Ush in 2012 while servicing a role as the National HR Business Partner for a leading multinational company. What first struck me as a unique quality was her hands on approach in coaching her peers and colleagues and had a genuine interest in human wellbeing. Since I’ve known Ush, her leadership capabilities know no boundaries. While using Emotional Intelligence as one of her main platforms, Ush has the ability to connect with a workshop full of tradesmen to executive boardrooms. Keynote speaking on anything related to the Human Services is another of her professional competencies and would not hesitate recommending her for any corporate event. Combining the above with a natural passion for working with communities led me to pursue Ush to be a Board Director of the company I manage. To enhance my own professional development and the continuing success of my organisation I contract Ush as my business coach and highly recommend her to anyone looking to enhance their own professional development, that of a team or at company level. If your looking for connection, results and a R.O.I – do not hesitate.

Gav Kelso


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Think & Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill’s best selling book; Think and Grow Rich is coming to Australia. This 3 day workshop will be launched in early 2019

3 Day Workshop

Coming soon in early 2019