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The Fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence – And How It Relates to Your Personal Power

by | Jun 6, 2017 | 0 comments

Although emotional intelligence (EQ) is a term often thrown around like a balloon at a party, some people fail to really understand what it means – or how it translates into the type of personal power exhibited by confident, successful individuals.

In the following short video I start with a few fundamentals about what emotional intelligence is (it’s only a minute long):

So, to recap, I define emotional intelligence as:

Being aware of your own emotions and how you handle those emotions; and then how you deal with the people you are with.

That’s boiling emotional intelligence down into its essence; it actually has a huge scope.

Another important point about EQ is that, unlike IQ, it can be learnt. It’s behavioural. As you would have heard in the video, I actually had low EQ when I first started training in it, so you too can work on it.

As your emotional intelligence increases, so too will your personal power.

Without it, you will be sacrificing your personal power and life will seem like a persistent knock back. In this negative state of mind, you will:

• Avoid confrontations

• Have difficulty speaking the truth

• Lack confidence in your judgement

• Avoid going to the heart of the issue

• Hesitate to try new things

• Have difficulty defending ideas

• Avoid challenges

• Give up easily

• Question your own ability

• Feel powerless

• Avoid risk-taking

This is the opposite of highly emotional intelligent people; the opposite of people who have personal power. More about that in following videos…

Meanwhile, if you have any questions about this or any other aspect of EQ, email me here: