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How Do You Increase Believability And Confidence With Emotional Intelligence?

by | Jun 8, 2017 | 0 comments

In the first video, we looked at what emotional intelligence is and what happens when there is a lack of it; people get dragged into a negative mindset that holds them back from achieving what they’d hoped.

Let’s look now at the alternative…what happens when high emotional intelligence and confidence drives your personal power? You become more assertive and believable.

Let’s take a look at this minute-long video, which tells us more:

So, to recap, one of the first steps in gaining the confidence that feeds personal power is in documenting the successes you’ve had.

As you become more assertive, you will develop the power to be more selective and have the confidence to say NO in both personal and professional situations.

Increased emotional intelligence will empower you to have the difficult conversations in life and speak the truth quietly, sincerely, assertively, and appropriately.

Your personal power will be characterised by:

• Calm inner conviction in who you are

• Believing that you can set the direction of your life

• Ability to distinguish between the things you have control over and the things you don’t (so there is less stress about them)

• Defining yourself from the inside out

• Making things happen

• Feeling in control

• Knowing what you want and going after it

• Displaying confidence

Imagine waking up every morning with this positive mindset! You can get there with the right coaching!

If you’re interested in discussing how you can get started, email me here: