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What is Thinking Into Results?

Thinking Into Results is a tailored 24 weeks coaching program. As a certified Proctor Gallagher Coach, you will be guided by Ush as your coach throughout the whole process, as you realise your potential and achieve the goals that you have set.

What will you discover?

  • You will develop increased self awareness. This basically means you are able to understand how your current mood affects your thoughts and decision making.
  • The three types of goals and which one is the only one worth pursuing.
  • The one thing you should never consider when establishing a goal.
  • How to multiply your effectiveness and supercharge your productivity.
  • The underrated habit that will bring you a bigger payoff than any other.
  • 4 easy steps for avoiding the number 1 threat to your success.

program schedule

Week 1-8

You will learn how to set goals the right way, a goal that energises you and adds a dimension of creativity. Once your goal is set, have you wondered why some people accomplish them and some don’t? This is all about bridging the gap between knowing and doing and raising your awareness. We then move into the how and shift your paradigms so that you are on a clear path to results.

Week 9-16

You will learn how to think from the inside out, to take control of your thinking and behaviours. You will know how to improve your self-image and move through the terror barrier to get to your results. This is all about the integration of your belief with your behaviour.

Week 17-24

You will learn the impact of combining your thoughts, feeling and actions. This then leads into defining what type of leader you want to be and how to leave people with an impression of increase. Towards the end of this you will understand the mind with a whole new concept so that you can make a quantum leap and get exponential results.

It’s time – to transform your dreams into a reality, your goals into achievements, and your thinking into results.

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